Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....

Everyone has a favorite holiday and for me that holiday is Christmas! Not only are we celebrating the birth of Christ but we are around family; it's something about the festivities and decorations that just make me so mushy & gives me the ultimate cozy feeling.

Usually I tend to get sad when I take the Christmas tree down but this year however that was not the case. I was excited for new beginnings as well as new decor to change in my house even if that  change will be taking place in February.

The color palette I have in mind is perfect for after Christmas right before spring. I really can't wait to share the details with you soon in an upcoming video on my new YouTube channel. Till then here is my super cute and all time favorite Christmas tree that I decorated all on my own.

fireplace photo fireplace_zps987b129d.jpg 2012123095153800-Copy-Copy_zps59a46baa photo 2012123095153800-Copy-Copy_zps59a46baa-1_zps35053c21.jpg
2012123095153921-Copy-Copy_zpsb15fdd2c photo 2012123095153921-Copy-Copy_zpsb15fdd2c-1_zpscddbfb2d.jpg xmastree_zpsa2a1c7d2 photo xmastree_zpsa2a1c7d2-1_zpse0d6e737.jpg

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